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I want to learn English: Lingbe

Are you excited about speaking English with other people through a very cool App? You have found. Read this post and I will show you how.

Most of my students will ask me: teacher, what should I do to learn English faster? I always tell them: the best way to learn English faster is through practice. Let’s go ahead and cut to the chase. This so-called practice can happen in many ways. On this post, we are going to focus on an App called Lingbe.

About two months ago I was lucky to have a student of mine (Emerson) share Lingbe during one of our classes. At that moment we were talking about which I used to access back in the 2000s and thought they could make good use of it. Well, on the same day I started using Lingbe to sharpen my Spanish. There is something really cool too about Lingbe. It has to do with collaboration among users. You can teach someone how to speak your language and they can teach you how to speak theirs.

What about you? Would you like to try Lingbe? Come on, give it a shot! It won’t cost you a penny, actually only a few minutes a day. One more thing: if you can share this tip with your friends and family, it will pay off the amount of time I dedicated to write this tip to you.

Shall we? Please click on one of the links below and start using your Lingbe now:

Lingbe para smartphones Android

Lingbe para smartphones iOS (Apple)

I hope you have liked today’s tip. Please leave your comment below so we can help more people discover new and fun ways to learn English.

Teacher Daniel 🙂